“I work with many different athletes of all ages, from prepubescent to adult. My wife is an athlete as well. One of the big parts of coaching in this industry is having an effective strategy for treating soreness and pain as it is an everyday part of the lives of these great athletes. With ViM in my corner I can be rest assured that I have a strong advantage toward recovery for these athletes. It has been very effective in the acute and chronic relief as well as shortening the recover cycle for these athletes. I stand behind ViM all the way.”

Mason Thompson

strength and conditioning coach and founder/ teacher at Niction Nutrition Fitness Academy (NNFA)

Mason Thompson’s experience began during his 12 years of service in the US Marine Corps. During this time, he gained valuable experience training others to meet their physical fitness needs as he was often tasked with [successfully] conditioning young adults to become physically prepared for the fire service, military service, and personal fitness needs. During his service he also received an education degree and taught for more than 3 years at the Defense Department’s fire academy. During his education studies he attended 2 curriculum development schools and helped develop one of the Defense Department’s curriculums that is still used today.

Mason founded Niction Nutrition —a company aimed at delivering a scientific based approach to weight loss and healthy nutritional habits, from which his school Niction Nutrition Fitness Academy (NNFA) was born. NNFA is where he trains and certifies students to become personal trainers and strength coaches as well as expert nutrition coaches. His academy’s most notable flagship courses are the Niction Certified Strength Coach (NCSC), the Niction Functional Anatomy (NFA), and the Advanced Nutrition Course (ANC). His portfolio of clients includes personally training various types of athletes, well known celebrities, a royal family, and countless others. He has also been the chief instructor for the National Personal Training Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Some other work by Mason Thompson: he is an advisor and corporate partner for the nonprofit organization Rebuilding Our Heroes (RebuildingOurHeroes.org), published the popular book This is the Skinny on Your Diet Plan which is being used in his very successful program Nutrition 101 Challenge and is already functioning in two different cities. He is currently in the development stages of the online version of the Nutrition 101 Challenge.