My story

What inspired you to create ViM?

We are honored to partner with Rebuilding Our Heroes (ROH), a nonprofit organization established in 2018 and dedicated to helping America’s veterans.  The mission of Rebuilding Our Heroes is to help provide housing and jobs for veterans. 

A portion of the proceeds from every bottle of ViM sold will be donated to Rebuilding Our Heroes so together we can “Hire and House Veterans”.

For more information go to: Rebuilding Our Heroes

As CEO of R1-Out, he and his TEAM vowed to always produce the highest quality of all natural products that improve the lives of people. People are the most important component in life. Money is a bi-product of outstanding relationships with people; along with the intimate relationships people are already forming with ViM.

As a coach and educator, I’m so proud of our golf program qualifying for State 7 times. 

Why is there a parent company? What does R1-Out mean?

ViM is one of several products that we will have, all of which will be topical. Therefore, we named the company R1-Out. Getting one’s attention is important; Retention enables sustainability.