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With the Coronavirus/COVID-19 impacting so many of us individually, from illness and uncertainty to the heightened financial challenges, we realize how important ViM is to you,  there are so many ways that it helps your overall wellness and health, we want you to know that we are concerned for you and your continued access to it,  as a result, we have have decided to extend a 40% off until further notice to help those that rely on having ViM  for daily use.

Many are using ViM as a natural alternative for chronic pain – necks, backs, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, and feet. Others have experienced success reducing pain from cramping from MS, Bakers Cyst from surgery, and migraines. In today’s challenging times, many use ViM to improve the quality of their sleep, stress, and anxiety. Just rub some ViM on your feet, temples, neck, and under your nose before bed and experiencing the relaxing benefits of ViM.




With Over 20 active ingredients, ViM combines nature's most effective, time tested and proven ingredients to give you the Ultra Deep Relief your body deserves!

Your body deserves the best!



hemp seed oil

camphor oil

menthol crystal

shea butter


ViM's incredible ingredients are responsibly sourced from global locations selecting only the highest quality available.

Skin is the body's largest organ. We believe if you cannot eat it, you should not put it on your skin to be absorbed into your body. All of our ingredients are food-grade quality* so you can be assured you are giving your body the very best.

ViM is for topical use only.  Click here for our full ingredient list.

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Rebuilding Our Heroes was established in 2018 with the mission to "Hire and House our Veterans"

ViM | R1-OUT is proud to be apart of that mission and forever indebted to our veterans! A portion of the proceeds from each bottle of ViM sold will be donated to Rebuilding Our Heroes to help further this critical mission for our veterans.